Our Passion

We believe that digital art has opened up new avenues for artists to unleash their imagination and push the boundaries of what’s possible with art and computers. We love digital art and especially the people behind it.

Our Vision

We believe that exceptional digital art should live on an enduring substrate worthy of the work, not hosted on centralized and mutable platforms. We think that inscriptions will become an important storage solution.

Our Mission

We support digital artists by solving their pain points such as technical support, inscription and drop mechanics. On the collector side, we support the ecosystem through curation & contribution to the ordinals infrastructure.


proper is an active digital art collector and long-time community member. First diving into the crypto space in 2013, he discovered NFTs and digital art in early 2020. proper was one of three collectors chosen to curate the Art Blocks Marfa gallery in November 2022.

Sam1 is an NFT collector and a DAO enthusiast. He co-founded MetaverseDAO which later grew into NeonDAO and leads product for SquiggleDAO. sam1 was a founding member of Bright Moments DAO and was in the Genesis Curation Board at FingerprintsDAO.


Ace is a serial entrepreneur (2 exits) and integrated his first Bitcoin payment solution in 2014. He has strong expertise in payments & encryption systems (incl. patent) as well as Solidity. Ace loves exploring the latest trends in AI, Digital Art and Encryption.